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… for checking out Victory Sportdesign and the Victory Bags. The word is out and it goes a little something like this…

“Very helpful keeping items organized during a timed event. Your bag = efficiency and nice looking to boot.”
-ANN TRASON: 14 time winner Western States 100 mile endurance run & multiple distance record holder.

“Ready for a weekend up on the mountain!” With all the essentials @thenorthface @injinji @Naturahealth and @Victorysportdesign”
-TIMMY OLSON, 2x Western States 100 mile Champion

“Don’t know what bag to use? Victory Sportdesign makes a popular bag with clear pockets that make it easy to identify your food and gear.”
-OUTSIDE ONLINE: The Top 10 Ultramarathon Training Tips

“In addition to training bag, my Bear Bag also performs well as commuter bag, carrying my work clothes to the office. A great product, one of my most valuable running accessories!”

“This bag is the coolest gear and travel bag to come around in a really long time. Its design is inspired and it really does cut down on how long it takes to find the things you want when in an aid station as well as train station!”
-LISA HENSON, former editor UltraRunning Magazine

…And the list goes on. That’s a lot of good mojo from folks who have been diggin’ their VICTORY BAGS! Check them out yourself, and see why we’ve become “the greatest gear bag ever!”

Also, check out our Blog: TO THE VICTOR… and see what’s what about what in our experience of the trail, road, and beyond. Thanks again!



Caroline BCaroline competes in distances from the marathon to 100 miles. Voted #4 Ultrarunner of the Year (UROY) for 2016, she ran the fastest women’s 50-mile trail time ever recorded by a North American resident at the Brazos Bend 50 miler in December, 2016, setting the overall course record in the process (5:48). Caroline was the 2016 USATF 50k and 2017 USATF 100k Road National Champion and is the Masters American Record holder (40-44) (3:22). She ran for Team USA at the 2016 50k and 2018 100k Road World Championships. Caroline participated in the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials, was 6th American at the 2016 Houston Marathon (2:44), and has won the 2015 Santa Rosa Marathon and 2019 Surf City Marathon. On the trail, Caroline holds numerous course records from 50k to 100k. She was the 2017 USATF Masters Ultra Trail Runner of the Year and 2018 USATF Masters Ultra Road Runner of the Year. A resident of California, Caroline is a wine industry executive, small business owner, wife and mother of two.


Dan B.Dan Bucci is a trail, ultra and road runner hailing from the great Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, WA. His running journey began in 2006 as a way to keep fit but quickly evolved into a passion after completing his first marathon in 2007. In 2015 Dan ventured into the world of trail and ultra running and hasn’t looked back since. Dan has racked up over 115 marathon/ultra finishes in his 11 years of running and has had success in distances from the half marathon to the hundred miler. His proudest accomplishments are finishing 3rd overall in his first 50 miler (2016 Rocky 50 in 7:04), completing his first hundred miler in December 2017 at Brazos Bend 100. Dan will run any race, any surface and any distance and enjoys everything from a range of fast and flat road races, to gnarly mountain 50 milers and 50ks. Dan will continue to focus on frequent racing in 2018 and has plans to run his ass off for the year. In addition to racing, Dan is very involved in the running community in Washington and serves as a mentor/running coach to a training group and is the assistant race director for numerous races in the Seattle Area. Dan’s Victory Bags are a must for him in any of his races and are his go-to for his racing and frequent travels. 


PC: Paul Nelson

PC: Paul Nelson

Chris starting running later in life after realizing life was too short to not seek adventure and pursue your dreams! In 2015, Chris burst on the national ultrarunning scene with podium finishes at several competitive races and USATF National Championships. Since then, Chris has racked up wins at the American River 50 mile, Squamish 50/50 and a top 10 finish at the Western States 100 mile.  Chris is driven by a passion for challenge and love of nature. Chris races all terrains, all distances and is always looking for a new adventure. Chris has an MD and a PhD and is currently training at Stanford Medical Center as Sport Medicine Radiologist.



LucySince she was a tiny pup, Lucy has been a lover of the trail and everything wild that lives upon it. Her enthusiasm for running is only rivaled by her love of squeaky toys and the ability to keep them all organized in her own VICTORY BAG. As a fierce competitor, she’ll take the lead at any event. And if you look like a deer, forget about it!




Jorge M.A legendary Ultrarunner, Jorge Maravilla is one of the most respected names in professional ultrarunning. A two time U.S. National Trail Running Champion (100K and 100 mile distances), Jorge continues to compete on the national and international ultrarunning stage. Jorge is bilingual (Spanish, English) and comfortable speaking in public about his unique background and journey into ultrarunning.




Jenny M.Jenny’s sense of adventure and love of the mountains is what started her on her path to racing her first ultra in 2013.  Shortly thereafter, she left her career as a lawyer to pursue her passion for working in the outdoors industry full-time.  In 2015, Jenny won her first 100K trail race in Santa Barbara, and has been running all surfaces all distances ever since, earning her first 100-mile buckle at Javelina 100 in 2017.  Jenny is a running coach, personal trainer and yoga instructor who loves supporting others in achieving their goals, which regularly extends to ultra crew duty for her boyfriend Chris DeNucci.  Feeding her gear-junkie tendencies, you can often find Jenny filling in at San Francisco Running Company where she has worked her shoe guru magic for over three years.  When she isn’t running (or crewing or coaching) you can find her taking awesome Instagram selfies with her dog, Henry.


PC: Michael Li

PC: Michael Li

Ken is a Sagittarius who loves moonlit nights and long walks in the park!  😉  He is an avid trail/ultra runner with multiple 100 and 200 mile finishes including 3rd at Pigtails Challenge 200, and finishes at Tahoe 200, Western States 100 and the extremely difficult HURT 100 among others!  He loves ultras and enjoys giving back to the community when he’s not racing!  Ken is the host/producer of the long time running, Running Stupid podcast!  His favorite distance is over 100 miles, with plans of much longer than 200 in the near future! “All Day!” is his mantra, slogan, war cry and way of life! You’re sure to find him out rocking the trails with a smile and Victory Sportdesign gear! “I love Victory Sportdesign because it really helps me get in and out of aid stations, quickly and efficiently!!  I’m not a fast runner so I like to spend as little time at AS’s as possible to stay on top of the game and out on the course All Day!”


Me-n-KenKen took up running for fitness in 2009 and quickly progressed into trail and ultra running. He’s a two-time Western States 100 finisher with numerous Northern California notches in his belt, including Miwok 100k, The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile, Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, and American River 50 Mile. As an original adopter of Victory Sportdesigns products, Ken has provided essential wear testing. “It is important to be organized in the pursuit of long distance running. Victory Drop Bags help me stay focused on the run, so my crew and I can enjoy the rest.”


Patrick R.

PC: William Glaser

Patrick is a Hoka One One athlete native to Southwestern PA and currently lives in Savannah GA. .  Reagan’s ultra-running career began with a runner-up finish at the 2016 USATF 100K Road National Championships.  He finished his 2016 season with two international podium finishes: 3rd at the UltraVasan 90K and 3rd at the IAU 100K World Championships. In 2017, Reagan finished 12th at Comrades Marathon and 2nd at Ultravasan 90K.  He capped of the 2017 year with a win and course record at Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Reagan is serving his sixth year as Head Cross Country Coach at Savannah College of Art & Design. Patrick reads a ton of science/historical fiction novels.  He has a healthy infatuation with coffee and obsessively listens to Pre-WW2 Ragtime, Jazz, and Jug Band Records.  Reagan lives in the Baldwin Park Neighborhood of Savannah with his girlfriend Adrienne and their two dogs, Oy and Koda.


Thomas R.I started running at the age of 22, back in Germany with the goal of finishing a marathon. I did so and after just 3 months of running finished with a time of 2:56. Here we are 27 years later, now living in the USA since 1997, still running, longer and more hills these days but not planning on slowing down, even after recent surgery for a torn labrum and FAI in the hip. Besides running I love trekking with my 12 and 14 year old boys and we have been to many amazing places in the Sierras, Alps, Rockies and even thru hiked the Tahoe Rimtrail in Summer of 2016. Outside of running I am lucky to have a fun job as creative director working mostly in the wine industry creating brands and helping existing brands succeed. – two time member of the German National Team Trail Ultra at World Championships – course record holder Tahoe Rimtrail 50mile (7:52, only runner sub 8 hours) – 50k and 50mile PR’s (50km 3:12:32, 50 mile 5:56:17)
 – 2011 RRCA National Champion Masters 100 Mile Trail – Masters 2nd place at CIM at age 46 (2:36) – 3rd place overall American River 2014 – Leadville 100, Tahoe Rimtrail 100 and Western States 100 Finisher.


Franz Van Der GroenBaker by early morning, trail-runner by day, asleep by late afternoon. I started running in 2008 as a means of mental and physical wellness. Took the plunge into ultrarunning in 2013, throwing some clothes in a backpack and heading out toward Durban to see what the Comrades Marathon was all about. From there the mileage built along with the passion, getting finishes in distances 50k to 100 miles. As fun as racing is, my jollies are in the long run: the pack full of food, the undulating trail, and that sweet sweet flow-state. Being a member of a Worker-Owned bakery in San Rafael, there’s no shortage of fuel to throw on the fire. Victory Sportdesign is great for maintaining inventory of all my running supplies. Being able to store all my gear in an organized fashion allows for me to see what needs replenished, and takes out the guesswork for long runs or runs outside my home base.


Ethan V.Ethan Veneklasen doesn’t do anything half way. -In 2002, inspired by the documentary film, A Race for the Soul, he ran his first ultramarathon, the Dick Collins Firetrails 50, 10-weeks to the day after he started running and immediately put his name into the Western States Endurance Run lottery. Miraculously, his name was drawn and 11 months after that first run, he completed the 2003 Western States 100.  Perhaps more importantly, Western States is where he met his wife, 4-time Western States runner-up, Emma Winfield. Having a spouse that shares his passion for the trails keeps him both inspired and grounded (or so he says). Most weekends you can find them out together, exploring the Northern California trails.  Ethan loves to race! Trail or road, pin a number on him, shoot a gun and it’s “game on”! As a masters runner, he is most competitive at races between 50K and 100K. Over the last 13 years, he has completed the Western States 100, Vermont 100 and Cascade Crest 100. While he loves the sheer audacity of running 100-miler events, he claims that he hasn’t really figured out the distance. “The longer the race, the more things that can go wrong. I’ve made nearly every mistake in the book, but that’s part of the fun of it” he says. Even more than the thrill of racing, Ethan is passionate about the ultrarunning community. Nothing makes him happier than being among our tribe; whether racing or volunteering at a race. As he puts it, “Ours is the only sport I can think of in which elite, competitive athletes genuinely respect, admire and celebrate the accomplishments of recreational participants. How cool is THAT???” In addition to Victory Sportdesign, Ethan is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE, Ultimate Direction, VFuel  and Julbo. When he’s not training, racing or managing his sports marketing agency, Ethan is the Co-Host of UltraRunner Podcast.


In 2018 I ticked off one of my first running goals I ever had back in 2004, to be crowned a British Columbia provincial champion in the 800m.  Accomplishing that has led me to consider that some of my other running goals might be possible in 2019. One of those goals being to return to the Canadain Track and Field National Championships and compete for the spot in the finals. Another is to break the 4-minute mile. When I’m not training, I’m working as a school teacher and educating children in the knowledge of physical literacy that they will be able to use as they get older. I live in Victoria, BC Canada a temperate climate by Canadian standards where I train year round. In my Fall and winter months race short course road races to work on skills to aid me on the track. One of these years I’ll become an ultra athlete.