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… for checking out Victory Sportdesign and the Victory Bags. The word is out and it goes a little something like this…

“Very helpful keeping items organized during a timed event. Your bag = efficiency and nice looking to boot.”
-ANN TRASON: 14 time winner Western States 100 mile endurance run & multiple distance record holder.

“Ready for a weekend up on the mountain!” With all the essentials @thenorthface @injinji @Naturahealth and @Victorysportdesign”
-TIMMY OLSON, 2x Western States 100 mile Champion

“Don’t know what bag to use? Victory Sportdesign makes a popular bag with clear pockets that make it easy to identify your food and gear.”
-OUTSIDE ONLINE: The Top 10 Ultramarathon Training Tips

“In addition to training bag, my Bear Bag also performs well as commuter bag, carrying my work clothes to the office. A great product, one of my most valuable running accessories!”

“This bag is the coolest gear and travel bag to come around in a really long time. Its design is inspired and it really does cut down on how long it takes to find the things you want when in an aid station as well as train station!”
-LISA HENSON, former editor UltraRunning Magazine

…And the list goes on. That’s a lot of good mojo from folks who have been diggin’ their VICTORY BAGS! Check them out yourself, and see why we’ve become “the greatest gear bag ever!”

Also, check out our Blog: TO THE VICTOR… and see what’s what about what in our experience of the trail, road, and beyond. Thanks again!

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Victory Sportdesign is a company steeped in an athletic & rugged outdoor travel gear background. Our passion for adventure is equally matched by our focus to create uniquely designed bags with the function and simplicity necessary to take on anything, while keeping all gear safe and organized. Whether used for sporting events, canine gear, trunk organizer, medical kit, or personal travel bag, the utility is endless. Victory Bags are always at the ready to help you get in, get out, and get moving!

Greetings and welcome to the VS News:

UR Magazine KODIAK & BEAR III review: Check out the solid review of our hottest bags (Because of it, our KODIAK is temporarily sold out!!!)… Thank you UR Magazine & Donald Braglio for taking the time out to use and choose! featured review BEAR III & KODAIK

CO-BRANDED VICTORY BAGS: We’ve started special logo collaborations with various partners, and are excited to open this opportunity to retailers, clubs and event organizers. Please feel free to use our contact page, if interested in seeing more samples and/or adding your special club, store, or event logo:

We’re proud to partner with Western States 100, Trail Racing Over Texas, and Donner Party Mountain Runners in creating these special logo Victory Bags found on our site and in the links below:

DONNER PARTY MOUNTAIN RUNNER logo BEAR III: Available at the DPMR online store.

TRAIL RACING OVER TEXAS official logo BEAR III: Available at the TROT online store.

A big THANK YOU to all who have supported Victory Sportdesign! It’s been an incredible journey thus far. We look forward to seeing many more folks enjoy, and appreciate the utility of these bags as much as we have.

Stay organized, travel safely, and live large!

Victor, Jena & Lucy the Victory Mascot