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… for checking out Victory Sportdesign and the Victory Bags. The word is out and it goes a little something like this…

“Very helpful keeping items organized during a timed event. Your bag = efficiency and nice looking to boot.”
-ANN TRASON: 14 time winner Western States 100 mile endurance run & multiple distance record holder.

“Ready for a weekend up on the mountain!” With all the essentials @thenorthface @injinji @Naturahealth and @Victorysportdesign”
-TIMMY OLSON, 2x Western States 100 mile Champion

“Don’t know what bag to use? Victory Sportdesign makes a popular bag with clear pockets that make it easy to identify your food and gear.”
-OUTSIDE ONLINE: The Top 10 Ultramarathon Training Tips

“In addition to training bag, my Bear Bag also performs well as commuter bag, carrying my work clothes to the office. A great product, one of my most valuable running accessories!”

“This bag is the coolest gear and travel bag to come around in a really long time. Its design is inspired and it really does cut down on how long it takes to find the things you want when in an aid station as well as train station!”
-LISA HENSON, former editor UltraRunning Magazine

…And the list goes on. That’s a lot of good mojo from folks who have been diggin’ their VICTORY BAGS! Check them out yourself, and see why we’ve become “the greatest gear bag ever!”

Also, check out our Blog: TO THE VICTOR… and see what’s what about what in our experience of the trail, road, and beyond. Thanks again!

The Industrious Miles: Chapter One

Ten years ago if you told me that I’d ever run longer than a 10k, let alone an Alpine 200 miler, I would have laughed in your face. Yet, today they’re adventures I’ve embraced and grown from. Likewise, despite having a background in Art and Design, to think I would actually use those skills as […]

Drop Bags- A how-to guide by guest blogger and Victory Athlete: Ken ‘All Day’ Michal

Over the years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to run many long ultras including multiple 100 and 200 milers (Western States 100, HURT 100, Pigtails Challenge 200 and Tahoe 200 among others)!  Drop bags can be a life saver in long events and the right drop bag strategy can help shave a lot of important time […]

Making A Garden Grow

When I first started running competitive ultras successfully in 2007, it was a pretty laid back, low key sport. Western States seemed to be the only major 100 miler in the world. Most any other race, you could sign up for the day of. Most fast “elite” runners only raced regionally. Traveling out of state […]

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The heART of Pacing

Not too long ago I had an interesting conversation… Alright, it was actually a friendly argument with one of my San Francisco Running Co. cohorts about pacing. Specifically between the approach of pacing from behind, or up in the front. Without getting into the details of our discussion, it dawned on me that I had […]

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Getting TORE UP at the Tor Des Géants:

[This is the abridged version. Full story to come when I can wrap my head around it. 😉 ]   No matter how well I plan, there will always be the chance for mistakes (story of my life). Mistakes are a golden opportunity to learn. That’s part of life, right? Live and learn. And life […]

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The miles we travel and those we meet along the way

January of 2012, I got an email from Palo Alto’s running superstar, Gary Gellin, asking me if I had any interest in doing a Fastest Known Time Attempt (FKT) around the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail, which follows along some of the tallest peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe, California. Naturally, without hesitation, I said, “Hey, sure, […]

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