... for checking out Victory Sportdesign and the Victory Bags. The word is out and it goes a little something like this...

"Very helpful keeping items organized during a timed event. Your bag = efficiency and nice looking to boot."
-ANN TRASON: 14 time winner Western States 100 mile endurance run & multiple distance record holder.

"Ready for a weekend up on the mountain!" With all the essentials @thenorthface @injinji @Naturahealth and @Victorysportdesign”
-TIMMY OLSON, 2x Western States 100 mile Champion

“Don’t know what bag to use? Victory Sportdesign makes a popular bag with clear pockets that make it easy to identify your food and gear.”
-OUTSIDE ONLINE: The Top 10 Ultramarathon Training Tips

"In addition to training bag, my Bear Bag also performs well as commuter bag, carrying my work clothes to the office. A great product, one of my most valuable running accessories!"

"My Victory Bag was key in getting me in-and-out of checkpoints at my FASTEST ever Angeles Crest 100 miler by 1-hr, 13-min! I earned my 2nd SILVER buckle there in 4-attempts. Thanks, Victor!!!"
-JIMMY DEAN FREEMAN, head coach & founder: Coyote Running

"This bag is the coolest gear and travel bag to come around in a really long time. Its design is inspired and it really does cut down on how long it takes to find the things you want when in an aid station as well as train station!"
-LISA HENSON, former editor UltraRunning Magazine

“Spotted a Victory Sportdesign bag today at Run Woodstock in Hell, MI...I also used mine and loved it! Everything was so accessible and organized! Added some motivational pieces to the front of my Bear II as I start my training next week for my first 100 miler...Thanks Victory Sportdesign for keeping me organized & can't wait to see the Grizzly and all its possibilities!”

“The Victory Bag is handy everywhere, even in the Himalayas! Fueled me to 4th place!”
-BURT KEELY, runner/musician/entrepreneur

...And the list goes on. That's a lot of good mojo from folks who have been diggin' their VICTORY BAGS! Check them out yourself, and see why we've become "the greatest gear bag ever!"

Also, check out our Blog: TO THE VICTOR... and see what's what about what in our experience of the trail, road, and beyond. Thanks again!

The heART of Pacing

Not too long ago I had an interesting conversation開梱設置便 MKマエダ ミニマル 180cm幅 テレビボード MIN-180 BK TVボード 鏡面ブラック モダン おしゃれ.アルファタカバ ディズニー家具シリーズ セレクトミッキー 80cm幅5段ホワイト 取っ手北欧パウダーピンク.掛川織い草カーペット 薫風(くんぷう) 江戸間6畳 261×348cm. Alrightセミオーダー 壁面収納家具 新テリオスシリーズ 扉オープン引き出しタイプrs007-3-7734 幅77.5奥行34高さ200cm[fv], it was actually a friendly argument with one of my San Francisco Running Co. cohorts about pacingフェリージ ビジネス 新生活 プレゼント ギフト. Specifically between the approach […]

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