Inspired by the experience of running the Western States 100 mile endurance race and designed by runner Victor Ballesteros, VICTORY BAGS are the evolution of a durable, compact and ultra-organized sport utility bag.

Our Story

In 2009 I ran my first 100 mile race: Western States 100. Not wanting to use wasteful plastic sacks for drop bags, my good friend and pacer, Mark Gilligan, gave me some small canvas bags to use. To my dismay, it was such an ordeal trying to find things in a hurry (or even if I wasn’t in a hurry for that matter) because the bag was basically a black hole and all its contents a jumbled mess. Afterwards, wanting to invest in something organized and durable that I could use for future events, I looked at the market and to my surprise found that there was nothing specific that was simple, yet, all encompassing for the needs of a super-organized, durable drop bag. I decided that with my underutilized background in art/product design, I would create something that I would want, with all these elements in mind.

So… now you’ve got the Victory Bags, and yes my name is Victor, funny how that worked out.

Originally conceived as running bags, we kept the design concept open, which has allowed them to far surpass their original functionality, being utilized as emergency preparedness kits, medical bags, on-the-go dog kits, car trunk organizers, personal travel bags, zombie apocalypse survival bag, or whatever’s clever.

Beginning with the Victory Bags, it’s finally within your reach to have the perfect utility bag that allows you to- get in, get out, and get moving… that’s our story and we’re sticking to it!


VP and Brand Rep. Jena Rose has been a proud and busy team supporter since day 1! If anyone knows how to get a runner in and out of an aid station fast, as well as pack efficiently, it’s her. With a keen eye to detail and organization, no stone was left unturned in her contribution to aiding in the overall design and functionality of the Victory Bags.

Victory Mascot Lucy, joined our team in November of 2014. Not a day has gone by where she hasn’t proven that there’s a need for her own Victory Bag!