Inspired by the experience of running the Western States 100 mile endurance race and designed by runner Victor Ballesteros, VICTORY BAGS are the evolution of a durable, compact and ultra-organized sport utility bag.

Giving Back


At Victory Sportdesign it’s our endeavor to create durable products for a community of enthusiasts looking to enhance the experience of whatever sporting and non-sporting events they participate in.

We’ve also taken a responsibility to work towards creating these products with an environmental mindset and community involvement by donating a percentage of yearly profit to organizations like the Sierra Club’s youth outreach program Building Bridges to the Outdoors:

(BBTO) project is committed to a future where all youth have the opportunity to get outdoors. We have seen how direct nature experiences have shaped the lives of young people, opening doors they always thought were permanently closed. Research also suggests that outdoor education can improve self-esteem, raise test scores, and help kids lead healthier lives. These benefits are invaluable in a world where the pressures in children’s lives are varied and increasing.